The Houston Injury and Rehab Center specializes in occupational Therapy, Individual Treatment, and offers convenient facilities all across Houston

Houston Injury and Rehab Center

The Houston Injury and Rehab Center has successfully treated hundreds of patients with conditions such as:

At the Injury and Rehab Center Downtown we provide a multi-disciplinary TEAM approach to wellness all at one location.

Our Purpose is to provide the RESULTS you want:

We are dedicated to identifying and treating the cause of your physical problem and helping your body re-establish healthy functioning.

The Team of Physicians and Therapists at the Injury and Rehab Center specialize in proven non-surgical treatments. From simple back and neck cases to more complex conditions including herniated discs and post-surgical rehabilitation, we are able help you. We do that with a combination of proven treatments that we customize according to the needs of every patient.

Injury and Rehab Center has licensed, board-certified professionals on staff who use time-tested treatments including Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy, medical services, as well as Medication and Pain Management procedures.

We also affiliate with neurosurgeons, neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, pain management specialists and podiatrists depending on the needs of each patient.

Please call Injury and Rehab Center today for more information. Feel free to Schedule an Appointment online as well.

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