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Diagnostic and Testing Services

The following diagnostic and testing services are either available at our facility or through one of our medical affiliates. We make all arrangements and take care of necessary referrals.

  1. FCE (functional capacity evaluation): to study and update the current physical demand capacity. This test is used to determine if this patient is safely to return back to work with specific recommendation.
  2. EMG/NCV (electromyelogram/ nerve conduction velocity) test: to study any spinal nerve root compression, peripheral nerve deficit, sensory loss, or strength deficiency.
  3. X/rays (radiographic exam): to rule out any fracture or dislocation.
  4. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging): to rule any soft tissue pathology or abnormal changes.
  5. CT scan (computed tomography): to rule out any bone pathology, fracture, or post surgical changes after surgery.
  6. Discogram/CT scan: to study the integrity of the disc to rule any annular fibers or nucleus pulposis tear.
  7. Myelogram/CT scan: to study any spinal nerve root inflammation, impingement, or as a good method to see if patients are good candidates for spinal surgery.

Please call the Injury and Rehab Center today for more information on these diagnostic and testing services. Feel free to Schedule an Appointment online as well. We offer a convenient Downtown Houston location, as well as transportation for those who need it.

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