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Injury and Rehab Services

Spinal Manipulation & Passive Modalities

Spinal Manipulation
A technique to control movement of a joint, by a licensed Chiropractic Doctor to mobilize the restricted joint and reduce pain by relieving irritation on the nerve. Blood flow to the surrounding area is improved allowing a greater rate of healing. The cavitation or popping sound you might hear during a manipulation is the exchange of gas from the fluid joint.

Electrical Stimulation
The therapy involves electrical impulses delivered to the injured, painful tissues to reduce pain and speed healing. Often described by patients as a "tingling" sensation, or "electrical massage," these impulses stimulate the body to release natural pain relievers, called endorphins. These endorphins reduce pain and inflammation, thereby promoting faster healing of the injured tissues. This therapy is often used to treat acute or chronic pain, as well as strains or sprains of the muscles, joints, and soft tissues of the spine and extremities.

Cold Laser Therapy or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
The treatment that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue and is thought to help accelerate the healing process. It can be used to eliminate acute and chronic pain, swelling, reduce spasms and increase functionality.

Physical Rehabilitation

McKenzie Method
The exercise is used to extend the spine can help "centralize" the patient's pain by moving it away from the extremities (leg or arm) to the back. It is used to treat severe low back pain with sciatica, and the theory of the approach is that centralizing the pain allows the source of the pain to be treated rather than the symptoms.


Physical Rehabilitation
Focuses on improving muscle flexibility, strength,and joint function. This results in increased balance, coordination, and better posture. Physical rehab reduces pain and dysfunction by correcting imbalances. Patients are required in active participation in the clinic 2-3 times per week (45-90 minutes) and home exercises daily.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal Decompression
The computerized pre-programmed patterns of mechanical distraction & relaxation may permit disc material to be pulled back within the normal confines of the disc, and allow tissue repair to begin resulting in reduction of shooting pain to the arms or legs. Sessions are administered 3 times per week over 4-6 weeks. The therapy is about 25 minutes and most patients feel pain relief with as few as 6-10 treatments. If you are suffering from large herniated disc in the neck or low back, don’t risk surgery until you have explored safe & effective spinal decompression.

Work-Ready Programs

Work Conditioning
an intensive, goal-oriented conditioning program designed to restore neuromuscular and musculoskeletal function including strength, power, endurance, joint mobility, ROM, motor control, cardiovascular endurance and functional abilities. The primary objective of the Work Conditioning program is to restore physical capacity and function to enable the injured worker to return to his or her pre-injury job.

Auto Accident

Whiplash Syndrome is a term that describes injury to the neck that occurs as a result of a motor vehicle accident. The most common type of car accident is the rear impact, and most typically, the occupant in the vehicle that gets "rear-ended" (hit from behind) is at the greatest risk of injury, including whiplash. Whiplash injuries can be quite complex and may include a variety of related problems such as: joint dysfunction, disc herniation, sprains and strains, chronic pain, and patient's mental functioning possibly leading to difficulties concentrating and memory loss.

Work/ Personal Injury



Referral to Pain Management Physician or Orthopedic Surgeon

Medication and Epidural Injections: control and treat acute pain or Inflammation performed by pain specialist doctor.

Surgery: good candidate for surgery if the patient is exhausted from physical rehabilitation and interventional pain management.



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