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Workers Comp. & Other Work Ready Programs

Here at the Injury and Rehab Center, we specialize in workers comp injuries. We know the particular challenges facing someone injured on the job and trying to return to work. For this reason we offer a variety of Work Ready Programs customized to your particular situation.

Work Ready Program for Conditioning: this rehabilitation consists of the worker performing real work activities under the supervision of a licensed therapist. The program aids in maximizing a worker’s tolerance to a job’s physical demands, with the goal of returning to work in a safe and timely manner.

Work Ready Program for Hardening: this specialized rehabilitation program that spans the transition from traditional rehabilitation therapies to return to work by simulating workplace activities and surroundings in a monitored environment. Programs may be developed and carried out by an occupational therapist and/or physical therapist. The goal is to create an environment in which returning workers can rebuild psychological self-confidence and physical reconditioning by replicating their work routine.

Chronic Pain Program: Treatment is very intensive. Individuals are admitted on a Monday and undergo 20 full days of rehabilitation. Participants average six to eight hours of active programming each treatment day. An individualized program of treatment is developed for each participant. Basic components include:

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